The original concept for Draft was created by an RIT professor who challenged a group of students to produce a collaborative body of work outside the curriculum. The final product that first year was a stapled packet of photographs – a magazine as an art object – and a symbol of the creative drive that connected the group. Draft has evolved into a hardcover, limited-edition book and a curated exhibition.

Student-editors will plan, curate and produce Draft 18, receiving strong support and recognition from the photographic community.

It has been the nature of the publication to continue to evolve each year into a larger, more significant publication and exhibition of student work. Draft pushes the boundaries of a student-run initiative, promoting dialogue between students and the world around them.

Draft is entirely funded by donations. A crowdfunding campaign is launched every year to generate the majority of the funds. Proceeds from book sales also help fund the project, while leaving some funds in reserve for the next group of editors.